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You got in! Congratulations!

 Now what?!

Now the real fun...okay, work---begins! Getting into college is one thing, but succeeding once you are there is one more thing. And we want you to succeed big time! So we have put together a series of vodcasts to focus on some basic skills for success in college.

Mix and match, view and can do it!! (Believe it or not, they wouldn't have admitted you if they didn't think so!)

Art Stipanovic, PhD

Bridge Board Member, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Art Stipanovic is an Emeritus Professor and past chairman of the Chemistry Department at the S.U.N.Y. College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, N.Y. where he also received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees. In addition to his academic experience, Dr. Stipanovic spent almost 20 years working in industrial research and development on projects ranging from energy conserving lubricants to biodegradable composite materials. His Vodcasts deal with the subjects of studying and the closely related art of time management.

Vodcast Links:

Time Management for Success, in which Dr. Stipanovic discusses one of the most important academic skills: time management. This vodcast includes various strategies for managing time.

Beating Procrastination. In this vodcast, we dissect how to beat the age-old plight that is procrastination! Dr. Stipanovic uses his teaching experience to aid students.

How to Study Successfully, where Dr. Stipanovic gives a general guide to studying in a way that is productive and efficient. He discusses planning your study sessions and finding the most optimal places to study. 

Susan Davis, PhD

Bridge Founder, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Susan Davis is a clinical psychologist with twenty years of private practice, teaching, and consultation experience. She is also the founder and president of The Bridge: Kaua'i to College, and mother of four daughters she has supported in their own journeys through college and graduate school.

Vodcast Links:

Surfing the Wave of Stress. While stress in academia is unavoidable, it can be managed! Susan Davis, a clinical psychologist, shares her professional tips on managing stress in college. 

Dainard Spore

Bridge Board Member, Pastor

Dainard Spore is a California native whilst being a long-time Kauaʻi resident. He received his BA from the University of Santa Barbara, and has served as a counselor, bible teacher and pastor. He currently serves as a pastor and as the Bridge Boardʻs communications specialist.

Vodcast Links:

Fostering Friendships, in which Dain Spore discusses setting up your social life in college for success. Key to this is choosing the right friends, which he delves into in full.

Developing Friendships, in which "Fostering Friendships" is built upon. Choosing friends is one thing, but developing meaningful and healthy friendships in college is a much broader thing! 

Joan Lubin, PhD

Admissions Reader and Mellons Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University

Joan Lubin received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. In addition to having published numerous works in these areas, Joan teaches seminars at Cornell at the Society for Humanities. She previously served as an admissions reader for Cornell University. 

Vodcast Links:

What I Look For, in which admission reader Joan Lubin gives us the inside scoop on how to stand out. Admissions readers will read hundred and thousands of application in any given admission cycle, so knowing how to appeal to schools is key!


Bob Davis, PhD

Professor of Literature, Wittenberg University

Robert Leigh Davis is professor emeritus at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. An award-winning teacher, Davis has published essays in American Transcendental Quarterly, Literature and Medicine, The Wordsworth Circle, The Walt Whitman Quarterly Review and as chapters in several edited volumes. His book, Whitman and the Romance of Medicine, is published by the University of California Press. His new work on religion and the arts, Playful Wisdom: Reimagining the Sacred in American Literature, will be published this fall by Lexington Books.

Vodcast Links

How to Write a Great First College Essay, in which Dr. Davis uses his vast experience as a Professor of literature to explain the mechanism of impressing your college professors with exemplary essay writing. Dr. Davis shows that the college essay doesnʻt have to be a source of anxiety!

Lindsey Kirchhoff

Bridge Mentor, Law Student

Lindsey Kirchhoff is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, where she swam competitively. As a former active duty member of the Air Force, Lindsey is now a second year law student at Pepperdine University. 

Vodcast Links:

How to Write Your Superhero Story

Bridge mentor Lindsey Kirchhoff gives an invigorating seminar on building your "superhero" journey as you grow throughout high school and make the leap to college! Perseverance, change, and adventure are the keys to beginning your college journey, and Lindsey knows all about it.

Denise Green, PhD

Bridge Mentor, Professor of Fiber Science and Apparel Design, Cornell University 

Denise Green serves as a mentor at The Bridge. She works as a researcher and professor, specializing in fashion textiles, and other visual design. Her work has included extensive research, and she has directed several documentaries on her subjects. Her research has extended to various exhibitions and educational events, and she additionally serves as the Director of the Cornell Fashion + Textiles Collection. 

Vodcast Links

Essay Olympics: Going for Gold

This Vodcast is all about the mythical college essay. Within this segment, you will find Professor Green's wisdom on writing an eloquent piece that is representative of your strengths and merits. The college essay is an iterative process, and regardless of where you are in your essay writing process, we are here to help!